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Saturday, 29 November 2014

That one bike thing.

I'm back from a local 25mile loop. It was a nightmare! First off my chain overshifted off the front ring and buried itself inside the ring! Eventually, once I 'm covered in oil I free it off. Then my Brooks saddle is bothering me so I have to stop and adjust. Further down the road my shoe will not attach to the pedal. I stop. Remove the shoe and find that the screw has come out of the cleat and disappeared. No choice. I have to carry on with only one foot clipped in. three miles further and I'm struggling to climb a short hill that I don't usually struggle on. looking down I see the rear tyre rubbing against the chainstay! Wheel loosened, realigned and tightened. Off we go. One mile further on I change down and hear a clicking noise. look down and see the rear mech catching the spokes on the wheel. Now I am riding high gears all the way home. Oh and I had to stop again and readajust the Brooks.
This is a bike that never gives me any problems and I was out on it two days ago on the same route and it just rolled along. But. I had not ridden it before that for a few months, I was using other bikes.
                I'm thinking again. Too many bikes. If I had just the one I could keep the same saddle, never adjust it, maintain it regularly, know it inside out and be that "at one" with it I could recognise any potential problems before they happen.
                 So dear readers. let me know your thoughts. Do any of you manage fine with just one bike and does it work or do you have several bikes and several problems. let me know your experiences. I need help and ideas to encourage or discourage me to make a decision.

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