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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Photography. Or lack of...

Dear reader. You may have noticed my inept attempts of photography. But not suprised. You may however be suprised that for many years in my dubious past I earned my crust as a professional photographer.
                  The trouble with that is that once you start earning a coin taking pictures you tend to lose interest in the creation of images as an art or hobby form. Once I stopped working in that stressfull profession I rarely picked up a camera. Even though I had plenty to choose from.
                   I was never a good landscape photographer. Oh I know how to compose and can still read light pretty well  without looking at a light meter. I've also still got a pretty good eye. But I don't have the interest. I'm much more interested in photography where people or interesting objects are involved. I love street scenes. Most of my pics [yes you've noticed] are taken on the hoof. Usually with a blackberry mobile phone. I find it good enough for what I want. I would love to go back to film photography as I love all the mechanics involved but it's just too expensive. Shame.
So thats my excuse. I'm going to throw all sorts of photos under this posting as it's a good repository for me as well as my Flickr account. But I'm not just sticking to the bike pics. There will be personal ones. Some taken by me some not. But just ones I like for one reason or another. Please feel free to view and comment but remember pics on the hoof. Usually.
Somewhere in Germany on the Danube path.

Break time.
I like stuff like this. Taken in Biarritz while on a tour down the west coast of France. Not a typical Biarritz scene.

My youngest son got married last week so I took a few pictures. I like these.
My harry hall on a local ride.

My recent Portugal assisted ride pics.

My most recent Dawes Galaxy.

My other Harry Hall.

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